Pattaya, Thailand's First and Only "On-Line" Bill Paying Service

Fast, Easy, Reliable, and Guaranteed!

Here is How it Works:

1. Register On-Line with us.

You will be required to pay a “One-Time” non-refundable Registration Fee of 1000 Thai Baht and your first month's estimated total bill amount to set up your account. We accept a Visa/MasterCard or a PayPal Payment for this initial month of service and initial start-up fee. We even have a shopping cart set up to facilitate funding your account in the first month of service. For all future Bill Paying services, will be you will need to deposit adequate funds in our account with Kasikorn Bank (formerly Thai Farmers Bank) for your future monthly payments. We also accept payments via Western Union but as you probably know, their fees are a bit expensive.

Just to re-cap, you will send us an electronic payment via PayPal or Visa/Mastercard (or Western Union) for the initial registration fee (1000 Baht) and funds for your first months estimated bills. Starting on the second month of service, you will be required to make a Bank-to-Bank transfer into our Bank in Thailand.

At registration time, you will need to provide: your Name, address in Thailand , Contact information (telephone number, Email, permanent mailing address) along with your non-refundable registration fee of 1000 Thai Baht* and first month's worth of bill payments..

*As of 28 August 2006, 1000 Baht is equal to $26.56 U.S. Dollar, or 14.01 British Pounds, or 20.73 Euros.

2. Important: List all your Bills: We will then need a list of all the Bills in Thailand that you want us to pay for you each month. We will need the name of each Payee, approximate monthly payment, and most importantly, the exact account numbers and due dates of each bill. Check out our Bill Sample page for instructions on how to read your Thailand bills. You should list all of your specific bill information on our two-page Bill Paying Service Agreement. This agreement can either be downloaded or emailed to you following your successful registration.

(Example: Sophon Cable, 350 Baht to be paid on the 10th day of each month.)

Note: Most Thailand utility bills have a 7-day payment window so please give us an accurate and earliest date when each bill should be paid.

3. Sign and Mail back the Service Agreement : Finally, we will need you to Fax then mail both pages of our service agreement back to us with valid signatures. This permission letter will allow us to pay all of your bills in Thailand . This legal document will be in both Thai and English and will be presented to your payee's (when required) as we pay your bills. We can start your bill paying service before we receive the faxed/mailed signed agreement, but its best to send it quickly to avoid problems.

Download our Bill Paying Service Agreement now (Adobe PDF)

4. Deposit Funds in our Kasikorn Bank Account (SWIFT Bank Info will be provided) These funds should cover your all of your bill expenses for at least one month. Your account balance will be kept in our computer database and always be up to date. Our bill paying fees will be deducted from this account along with the necessary funds to pay your bills.

Additional Notes:

We will record all payments to your payee's and supply you with an online monthly statement upon request. This statement will reflect your current balance and remind you when its time to deposit additional funds into your payment account with us.

Our fees (after the initial start-up fee) will be 1000 Thai Baht for unlimited monthly bill paying service. We also have a plan where you pay 200 Thai Baht for each bill paid monthly. This is a small price to pay when you consider Thailand utilities late fees and inconvenience after they shut off your services for non-payment.

We guarantee that your bills in Thailand will be paid "on-time" every month.

If any one of your bills is paid late for any reason that was our error, Run For Bill Paying Service will pay all subsequent late fees or restart fees. It will not be your problem!

Our guarantee however, is contingent on you providing funds into our account prior to your bills being due as well as providing accurate information for us to work with.

We will not pay bills for clients who have not deposited sufficient funds in their accounts after the first month. Finally, If your service lapses for more than 3 month's you will have to re-register with us.

In cases of emergency we will accept Visa/MasterCard and PayPal payments after the initial month of service but this is not our normal operating procedure and this service will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Credit Card/PayPal payments may require a photocopy of your Passport on our discretion.

We reserve the right to discontinue your bill paying service if you do not provide adequate funds into your account. If we discontinue your service, we will refund any fees/funds that were not utilized.

If you agree to the following terms...


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